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 Hi folks. This is the 3rd time we're having a joint project with Bear Model Inc.    

We are introducing to you our exclusive jumbo figure "Once You Wanted Badly Series"  Mechanical Beast Garada K7 70s color Version of Mazinger Z.    
He's like most of our products which stands 22inch / 55cm tall. 


I believe I don't have to introduce too much about the Garada K7 jumbo sofubi.  It's well known as one of the myths in 70s Japanese toy histories.   

We've been studying a lot about him by gathering pictures since 2017 and finally we got to see the actual piece of the myth. 

Inspirations of the 70s myth and our designs are united in this piece.    


Development cost is higher than we expected especially on the blow molding sickle.  This connected sickle pair is definitely a hard work of manufacturing even for modern technology.  I still wonder how POPY could make it that perfect back to 45 years ago.  Personally, I am an admirer of POPY.


Finally, we are thinking about developing "Weapons or Accessories" for mechanical beasts.  For example, have you ever imagined dabulas holding a garada's sickle or armed with a drill something?  It should be  fun.  What do you say?

There were various XX weapons for robot heroes in the past.  We shall have our ZZ project in the near future.  Please keep your eyes on our instagram notices. 

I hope everyone is doing good during the pandemic.  No matter how long this thing lasts for.  We stay tough and keep enjoying collecting toys. 

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