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Shimax X Bearmodel 2nd online exclusive

24 inch jumbo vinyl figure

"Once You Wanted Badly Series"


Hi folks.  This is the 2nd time we're having joint project with Bear Model Inc.    
We are introducing you our exclusive jumbo vinyl figure  "Once You Wanted Badly Series" 
Mechasaurus Doba Manga Ver. of Getter Robot / Getter Robo.        
He is like most of our products which stands 24 inch / 60cm tall. 

Our CEO is big fan of Mr. Go Nagai and also Mr. Ken Ishikawa.          
We all know Mazinger Z series products already have a matured market.     
Compared with Mazinger Z, we seldom see Getter Robo's products especially his villains.  So, why not launching some? This time, we tried to be the pioneer.

When talking about Getter Robot, we are not just fascinated by his remarkable 3 in 1 transformation and also the existence of "dinosaur empire" as well.
It's been 40 some years after the original manga released to the public, we might still have had questions on understanding these reptiloids dinosaur looked robots. But we do remember how unique their mechanic mixed bodies are.  And the ugly shapes which are totally difference from the dinosaur that we had learned from encycopedias or seen in fossil exhibitions. 


Doba does earn high reputations by showing at least two times in the Getter Robo Series.  
In the very beginning, he is found from the 1st manga of Getter Robo in the early 70s.
Manga is absolutely where our designs of this jumbo vinyl are being inspired. Famous OVA "Shin Getter Robo VS Neo Getter Robo"finally brought him to TV screens in 2000.


In my point of view, doba's design should be influenced pretty much by Mazinger Z.  
We can tell by seeing his weapons like rocket punches, forehead beam, etc. 

Indeed, mold adjustment is close to the final stage.  We are happy to share pictures of his color sample which is used for the reference of painting, and also his natural vinyl color on each part of the body before putting on spray.    
As you can see, the most charming point of Doba is his head unit.  Lizards and their tails are designed to be completely movable. 

Although development cost is higher than we expected, but we are honored to serve a special price 39000 Japanese yen + 10% VAT taxes even under COVID19 crisis.      
I believe this price should be the cheapest among jumbo vinyl figures which were launched by different companies recently. And don't forget this is 100% ''Made in Japan''.


We aim to produce 40pcs for this 1st version.  We will upload pictures of the first piece of 
product when production started in the beginning of September.         
We are looking into the shipment around the mid of October. 

Our schedule or any movements will be updated at and instagram too. 
Please keep your eyes on it.

We hope all of our core customers or soft vinyl figure collectors stay strong and healthy during this critical movement.  Be patient and we'll see sunshine after the typhoon passes away.

18 August, 2020

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